Transformation from the Mundane

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When the word ‘office’ is mentioned most people picture never-ending rows of compact desks, segregated from the world by small cubicles. You could work with hundreds of people on a floor above or below hundreds more but only ever see another soul during rush hour – possibly the only time you’d rather not see anyone.

Times are changing.

Most capitals are seeing an influx of office space that’s transforming a generations view away from the mundane. I’ve taken a very small snapshot of London as an example. No doubt the catalyst for this change is the boom in startup business that we’ve seen since the economic crisis. High unemployment has spurred on would be entrepreneurs to take the plunge. As a result flexible, creative and non-traditional office space has begun popping up just about everywhere you look.

These new office spaces are designed to be socially integrative and aesthetically beautiful working environments. Prefer the old or the new? You decide.





cannon street london

Cannon Street



Second Home


Central Working

Central Working



Expedia’s London Office


rainmaking loft

Rainmaking Loft


the hub london                          The Hub


warner yard

Warner Yard


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