Top 10 Viral Videos – September 2010

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A world leader in media placement viral campaigns GoViral published Top 10 viral videos of last month.

Monthly largest specialists in the field of viral “seeding” acquaint us with the top ten, in their opinion, viral videos. Another selection of top-end video received very mixed. Since rollers with 25.000 views side by side in the ranking with video, obtaining more than 13 million views. The latter is located significantly below its competitors’ less virus. Tipp-ex – A hunter shoots a bear

Agency – Buzzman, Paris

The ad is a new type of interactive video introduced recently by YouTube, in which the site along with the video becomes part of the advertisement. In this case users are asked to create their own ending of the story. The video is originally titled “A hunter shoots a bear,” but due to – Tipp-ex correction fluid – users can replace “shoots” with anything they want. And there are videos for almost anything you can think of. Yes, also that thing!!!

2. Diesel Sneakers – Kick ass

Agency – Santo Buenos Aires

Diesel Sneakers are catching up on the Diesel Stupid Campaign with “Kick Ass”, an integrated advertising campaign also using online video, featuring asses getting kicked in a variety of different situations. To align with the rest of the “Stupid campaign” Diesel describes their videos like this:” Diesel is different. Diesel is stupid and stupid doesn’t run from anything. Stupid likes to kick asses”. The videos are very funny and are performing great in regards to views. The latest video has already reached 250.000 views within a few days and with a total of 7 videos until now, the campaign can expect many more to come.

3. Samsung – ute little girl has a catchy dance

Agency – The Viral Factory

This video catches the attention of the viewer by introducing a little girl that dances a very special dance. The setting however changes very fast and suddenly everybody in the room dances the same dance as the little girl, which surprises the viewer in the end. It is a funny movie and the girl is very cute, but this concept is not truly original, as it seems like it has its take-off in the T-Mobile dance a few years ago. Anyhow the video has received more than 4 million views an around 50.000 shares in little under a month, so they must have done something right.

4. DC shoes –Ultimate Playground; l’Autodrome, France

Agency – Mad Media, US

The DC x Ken Block Gymkhana racing video series now consists of seven videos and is a true viral internet sensation; these videos have had more than 70 million views online and received numerous awards. Most recently the Gymkhana TWO video was named one of Ad Age’s “Top 10 Viral Ads” with more than 12 million views within two weeks. This is very impressing considering that the content is mostly targeted towards men.

5. Arab dairy – Never say no to panda

Agency – Advantage Marketing & Advertising/Elephant Cairo

Panda, an Egyptian manufacturer of cheese and dairy products, has dramatically revamped its advertising. The video is build around a somehow ‘crazy idea’ that if you don’t like Panda dairy products, eat Panda products, or refuse a Panda sandwich, the Panda will kick your ass. Never say no to Panda is in fact a string of new TVCs, which show people refusing to eat Panda cheese, but they also perform very well online. It has gotten just over 2.5 million views in less than two weeks.

6. Intel – Intel bass jump

Agency – Intel, Romania

Ever since Intel Finland made the “biggest Intel chime” last year, offices around the world have been trying to come up with new viral campaigns. Now Intel Romania came up with “Intel bass jump” where they hooted five giant horns with five Intel employees, by dropping them from the roof of their six-storey headquarters. Only about 450.000 have seen the video, but it is still good content, as offices try to outperform each other in the name of viral content.

7. Phillips – Nigel & Victoria

Agency –, Amsterdam, Holland

This new viral campaign from Phillips feature Nigel and Victoria, a romantic comedy which broadcasts exclusively online. The series of eight episodes is about Victoria, a popular Dutch gadget lover that reviews new Philips products on camera. And about Nigel, a marketing manager from Philips, who’s on the set to keep an eye on the review videos. The project is an interesting shift within online videos as it tabs into the current web series and branded entertainment trends. Newer the less the first episode of the Phillips love story has only received 29.000 views on YouTube.

8. Cebu Pacific – Cebu Pacific FAs dancing

Agency – Cebu Pacific

This video was uploaded on the 30 Sep. and has by now gotten more than 5 million views on YouTube, which is very impressive. It displays a crew of Cebu Pacific flight attendants carrying out the safety brief to the tunes of Lady Gaga, while dancing through the cabin. The nature of the video lets the audience believe that it is a passenger who is recording the events and that is actually working quite well. Great viral content!

9. French Connection uk – Youtique

Agency – Poke, London

Clothing retailer FCUK has now created something very interactive in regards to online video. The ‘Youtique’ a direct sales channel on YouTube featuring stylist Louise Roe. Roe doles out fashion tips in annotated videos. They allow consumers to directly purchase the featured items through contextual links to the website. Until now it hasn’t hat many views 5.400 only, but the idea is very creative and it has only been online for a week. Let’s see what happens.

10. Samsung – Memory card testing: Overkill Edition

Agency – The Viral Factory

The video about “magnet-proof, shockproof and waterproof” qualities of the Samsung SD card shows a different way of showcasing product durability. The card is attached to a remote controlled, camera-equipped vehicle and then subjected to a mini-obstacle course that includes fish tanks and puppy tongues. The question is if it will survive the test? Until now it has only had about 150.000 views which is not allot, but never the less it is quite funny and has potential.

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