The Confluentia Project

0 Posted by - August 23, 2015 - Concept Art, Furniture

The Confluentia project by designer Bina Baitel won the first prize in the International City of Aubusson Tapestry 2013. The project is described as being at the junction between furniture and tapestry, joining a weaved carpet with two wooden bedside tables. The aim is to create space within space.




With reference to  the  Aubusson Tapestry, the objects appear as a landscape, the flat stretch mimicking the pool of water in the tapestry, whilst the tables form two new woody reliefs.


The pattern created by the contrasting colours gives the impression of a topographical map, adding an extra dimension to the concept of building space within space. A hybrid territory, a micro-landscape between furniture design and tapestry.

The owner essentially stands on the map, lives in the scene of the pool and woody reliefs and becomes part of the tapestry. Thus, the action is not only set-up by the view of the tapestry but also *with, around, and on”. The interlacing of threads and colors is mixed up to build Confluentia, point of confluence between perception in-visu and experience in-situ.







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