Swooshed by Bram

0 Posted by - August 20, 2015 - Branding, Sports

Bram Vanhaeren from Antwerp, Belgium brings us some creative mockups of what he would create if Nike approached him. I wanted to share this great use of colour and gradients. Definitely a note worthy set of designs. Maybe the swoosh will agree.

“On a mission to do more in my free time as a creative, instead of waiting for that next epic project coming in. I really love to get my creative brains fit and self initiate projects. This way I push myself into new directions, looking for new color combinations and ways to incorporate my creative style.

This project is a result of playing around in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, respecting the Nike brand – but also showing the brand what a young creative like me and you, could mean for their brand. As an athlete myself – I love the brand and believe they are doing an amazing job spreading a healthy lifestyle and supporting young upcoming talents! This collection represents my favourite sneakers from their current collections.”

nike-design-concept-1 nike-design-concept-2 nike-design-concept-3 nike-design-concept-4 nike-design-concept-6 nike-design-concept-7 nike-design-concept-8 nike-design-concept-9



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