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Born in 2009 after a meeting between Fabio Di Salvo and Bernardo Vercelli. Quiet Ensemble’s work is based on the observation of the balance between chaos and control, nature and technology, creating pieces that merge those elements. The elements take form from the relationship between organic and artificial subjects, highlighting otherwise insignificant elements, like the movement of a fly or the sound of trees.

Orchestra Da Camera is a musical installation with 40 elements creating a chamber in which mice create music whilst running on their wheels. Each wheel its connected to a carillon and when it turns the carillon starts playing its musical note. An unexpected musical piece is created, determined entirely by the random movement of the mice.

Footage of the installation is towards the end of the post.


music by mice 3

Bo: What was the inspiration behind the work?

Quiet Ensemble: Since we’ve started the Quiet Ensemble project we have focused on nature as inspirational research. We love to be spectators of those events that are some how hidden, little things happening around us every day. As we did with the goldfishes [post to follow in the near future],  Mice in Orchestra da camera we have those tiny animals becoming unespected musicians, half chaos half control the mice are playing a few lullabies.. consciously or unconsciously thats still to be understood. So in this specific work we find interesting to create a piece where once we’ve done it we become spectators of unespected events, the work has his own life.

music by mice 5

music my mice 2

Bo: What level of development was involved to reach the final piece? For example did you decide from the beginning on the exact setup or was it an evolution?

Quiet Ensemble: We wanted a set up where the animals would feel confortable, free to run, jump and do whatever they wanted to do, so we built a 4 meters wooden plate. The final set up looks like a sort of huge music box, we work based on a subtraction method. I mean that we take away all those elements that we do not need, that would confuse the basic concept, so all we needed in this case was mice, wheels and carillons.

music by mice 6

music by mice1

Bo: Has it inspired you to pursue the idea further? Will there/is there similar installations in the future?

Quiet Ensemble: We are working on different productions right now. Focusing on the nature of things. We do not have animals in the next few projects. We are observing time changing objects, we are actually interested on the influence of chaos on those elements that on a first look would be considered lifeless (for example our project The enlightenment) [Post to follow]. So the role of the objects in space, unexpectedly moving or changing shape by apparent coincidence.


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