Purses With A Kick. The High-heeled Handbags

0 Posted by - September 4, 2010 - Fashion Design

Peter Jakubik designs many many things, most of the naughty in the nicest way. Furniture, rugs, sugar dispensers, wall hooks and many more items take on characteristics of the sexy and sensuous.

One of his most interesting and useful collections are his handmade purses and bags in which he combines two feminine favorites, the handbag with the high heel. From his collection of Fetish Fashion Accessories, here are some of those designs.

Black leather high-heel handbag with red interior:


And his Heidi handbag:


Peter Jakubik participated in the UNICEF “Week of the Blue Button“ National Collection benefit auction in 2009 with his “Heidi” designer leather bag. The above items are one of a kind, not mass-produced. For more information, contact Peter

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