Psychedelic Stop-Motion Clay Animations

0 Posted by - July 18, 2011 - Video

London-based artist and animator Nicos Livesey creates these mind-exploding animations using intricately built loafs of plasticine.

The colorful clay is formed into morphing and shifting geometric patterns that are revealed as he slices and photographs the cross-sections at painstaking 2mm intervals. via

Ratin Gorleg

Train Logger

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  • Gert

    What a crappy music for something called psychedelic animations. Cool effect though!

    • Zak

      nothing crappy about the melvins!

      • RealityDodge

        Doesn’t really fit the video though

  • rye

    interesting concept, but I agree about the music.. it sucks ass.. also the background is a bit distracting a full zoom in would be sweet..

    Psychedelia should be about getting lost in the  movement, nice setup though!

  • Fredandthebear

    @gert DO NOT diss Melvins, given a little inappropriate for the video, but its anything but crappy. 

  • DoubleD

    Horrible music choice

  • Roberto Max Salas

    music sucks, quality is shitty, awesome idea

  • Jjdeville00

    Love the music.  Love the Melvins.

  • Trackball

    Here’s some real claymation:

  • Anonymous

    cool idea, horrible execution.. (music and composition)

  • Taylor

    This technique is really cool. It’s called Strata-cut, and was invented by animator David Daniels (although Oskar Fischinger did some work with a primitive version). Some examples of his work can be seen in the music video for Peter Gabriel’s Big Time. He also animated the “loading screens” for the picturephone in Pee-Wee’s playhouse.

    Anyway, always nice to see this technique kept alive, especially by younger artists.