Political Portraiture

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Irish collage artist Lola Dupre creates these thought-provoking pieces using photographs of the subject. “Working exclusively with paper and scissors her work references both the Dada aesthetic of the early 20th Century and the digital precision of the present day.”

This particular series focuses on a few well-known political figures. After asking Lola why she chose to manipulate the original images in this way she replied “they are terribly ugly subjects and deeply flawed by the nature of their greed fueled occupation.”  I agree that the collages most definitely reflect this opinion however there is definitely an element of humour involved. I personally can’t stop coming back to look at them again. I find them so intriguing.

Lola is now “much more interested in beauty and fashion. And in exploring the boundaries around fashion and beauty.” We’ll be sure to follow-up on this post in the near future to provide a contrast between the two.



david cameron portraiture

David Cameron


Ida Amin


margaret thatcher portraiture

Margaret Thatcher


obama portraiture

Barack Obama


pope benedict portraiture

Pope Benedict XVI


putin portraiture

Vladimir Putin


shimon peres portraiture

Shimon Peres


kim jong-il portraiture

Kim Jong Il


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