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Our second installment of  the ‘Our Community’ series comes from Björn who has recently made the decisison to begin working for himself. We wish you the best of luck!

“My name is Björn, a 30+ passionate and creative designer based in the most southern part of Sweden. This year I decided to follow my heart and start Björn Berglund Creative Studio. I work full-time on my business and focus on branding, logo design and lettering.

Most recently I worked as an Art Director at a communication agency in Malmö, for almost six years. Before that I worked inhouse as an Graphic designer at a large international automation company, for five years. Between 2000-2003 I studied at Malmö University and earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Graphic Arts & Technology.

As a kid growing up I drew a lot of graffiti art. Later on typography and lettering has become a great passion of mine. Although restricted to the alphabet, it is a world of styles, creativeness and craftmanship. I love to challenge myself and push the boundaries for every project I am working on.

I am looking forward to see what the fall of 2015 have in store for me. I am on a journey of developing my brand and my own style. I have some great clients and projects in the works that I hope to present any time soon. Stay tuned!”

Find what you love & let it kill you
Since the famous writer Charles Bukowski was drunk most of the time and slept around a lot, we wanted the hand-lettering to be quite rough. It should give a sence of being scribbled done in the spirit of the moment. All type has been drawn by hand, first with lead pencil and then with a brush pen. The drawing has then been digitally refined for the final piece. Commissioned work for Goode Luck.
Mud & Co. 
Logotype for Mud & Co, based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The company sells handcrafted soap bars, beauty masks, bath milks and wax candles, all with natural ingredients like mud and clay, hence the brand name. I went for a hand-crafted, rustic and yet modern look that makes Mud & Co stand out from their competition.
Old ways won´t open new doors
Design quote for AIGA´s Eye on Design blog. Started as a pencil sketch which has been vectored in Illustrator and then finally been refined and threedimensional in Photoshop.
The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey
Title logo for the theatrical stage play ’The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey’ which currently performs on Manhattan. The play producer Darren Bagert was looking for a bold, fun and dynamic lettering treatment. We pointed out the lettering direction after an early pencil sketch and then it was pretty straight forward.
Highly Doubted
Hand-lettering for Modesty Apparel, a new Atlanta-based fashion & lifestyle brand. Modesty Apparel wanted a lettering style based on a previous flourish design of mine.
The word was chosen by one of my Cotton Bureau tee buyers. Everyone that bought the tee had the option of letting me hand-draw a word of their choice. This piece of artwork was created by a combination of hand-drawn brushpen lettering and digital refinement.

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