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As many of you are aware INSPIX is a growing community of art and design lovers. We’ve decided to begin a series of posts dedicated to you and the work you create. Feel free to get in touch by any means in order to submit your work for one of the ‘Our Community’ slots during the week.

We’ll be showcasing portfolio from a wide range of our community. Some will be less experienced than others but that is in no way a reflection of the potential they possess so please show your support, love and appreciation for like-minded individuals that have put in effort to share with us. Comment, share, retweet, email, post and sing their praises!

The stage is yours Monica…

“My name is Monica Carvalho, I grew up in Switzerland and went to university in England. I just completed my Bachelor in History of Art, and am starting a Masters in Graphic Design in London this September 2015. My body of work consists mainly of digital collages – or photomontage that possess a Surrealist quality. The majority of the photographs used are from my own portfolio. I like playing with images of the reality, which I juxtapose or superpose in order to produce images of the surreal.”


Stretched Canvas

Tools Is To Reduce

Trademark of Jupiter

Victorian Country House


Advanced Settings

A sense of betrayal

Gold Nail Varnish

My photomontage blog: mofart.wordpress.com
My painting blog: monicamofart.tumblr.com


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