Luis Quiles Artwork

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Luis Quiles is a Spanish artist known for his controversial art, which uncovers the dark side of society. Quiles is unafraid of addressing sensitive subjects like sexism, abuse, exploitation, and homophobia. More often than not his view seems polarised which sparks heated debate.

What causes Luis Quiles’ work to be so controversial is that it is so blunt. He frequently chooses taboo subjects, that tend to cause a level of discomfort to the viewer. For a few individuals, Quiles’ pictures spark sentiments of terror and disgust at first. Take a minute to look for deeper meaning.



I see that some people blindly leave their only hope for a temporary joy. On the other hand, how do we know he didn’t look over the ladder first, and see a certain failure. Maybe he’s making the most of a dire situation.



Hooked on the bottle? According to the WHO (not the band) 3,300,000 people die every year from alcohol abuse.



Probably one of the most provocative pieces I’ve seen from Luis. It is definitely disturbing. I think it’s about the unwanted sexual attention that women receive through social media, though others interpret it differently. It would be good to hear your thoughts on it too. Please leave comments at the end of the post.



A friend of mine recently had 6 days off work. He sat in front of his games console solidly for the whole time. I think this is becoming a sad reality for many. Is this becoming another form of addiction? There is no doubt people use it as a form of escapism, in the same sort of way people use alcohol and drugs.



Can you buy waterproof phone cases?



I believe this is symbolic of the pornographic industry and it’s expectancy of women to have a certain physical appearance while simultaneously representing the food industry’s constant pressure on us to consume their products. In a way, the person holding the burger is taunting her while she sits there with no access to it.


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