Introducing House of Taylor

2 Posted by - July 25, 2016 - Design, Furniture, Interior Design, Showcases

House of Taylor was started because I wanted to make furniture pieces that were affordable but still had designer aesthetic. Pieces that were easy to assemble, light and cost effective to ship anywhere in the world.

Everything we make comes as flat pack laser cut in sustainable plywood and weighs under 5kg. The shipping box sizes conform to any local postal and courier services.

Additionally assembly is made even simpler than IKEA products in that the designs are simple to understand when in component form and require little more than a Philips head screwdriver and a few supplied screws.

In some cases there is no need for screws, the slotted design self sustains final form.

For more information on our products visit:

3MW Image Side 3MW Image Top

650 inspix (1)

650 inspix (2)

650 inspix (3)

650 inspix (4)

650 inspix (5)

650 inspix (6)

650 inspix (7)

650 inspix (8)



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