Google + Doodle = Goodle?

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Everyone knows Google. Everyone knows of the illustrations that sometimes takeover Google’s homepage. You’ve no doubt liked quite a few of them too.

They started back in the company’s founding year, 1998. When the team left for the Burning Man Festival it was decided to leave a somewhat cryptic ‘be back soon’ message. And so it began. Google’s Doodlers now alter the famous logo to celebrate birthdays, commerate important days, show support for certain movements, the list goes on. The doodles really have grown from strength to strength. Moving on from small tweaks to fantastic illustration and animation.

We’d like to share a few of our favourites with you. Please share your favourites using the comments section below! We’ll give you the link to choose at the end of this post.

burningman The Original: Burning Man150years-london-underground

150 Years of the London Underground


Les Paulmartin-luther-king-day

Martin Luther King





Pac manspringog

1st Day of Spring




The Brothers Grimmwilleisner

Will Eisner



Escher’s 105th Birthday


Dr Suess


Don’t forget to have a quick look through the Google Doodle archives to find your favourite and share it with us below. Just leave us the link so we can take a look! There are some brilliant ones to see, animations in all their glory.


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