Drawing now by Vincent Mauger

0 Posted by - April 18, 2011 - Showcases

French artist Vincent Mauger is best known for his large scale installations created with construction materials (wood, concrete blocks, bricks, metal or polystyrene) which look like fractal landscape and topological folly taken from a nature that could have been appropriated by futuristic technology. Having attended the Regional Schools of Fine Arts in Angers and Nantes, Vincent Mauger focuses on drawing, sculpture and installation in situ.

Vincent Mauger practice drawing along with volume setting, while providing their two-dimensional work, the prominence it deserves. – by Galerie Bertrand Grimont which represented him at Drawing Now.


  • Vence July 17, 2011 - 13:33 Reply

    Vous pouvez trouver un article sur l’exposition intentions fragiles aux Filles du Calvaire avec Vincent Mauger sur http://blog.paris3e.fr/post/2011/07/07/Les-filles-du-calvaire-intentions-fragiles-marie-doyon-julie-chaumette-bernhard-kahrmann-walead-beshty-colombe-marcasiano

  • Vence October 2, 2011 - 17:52 Reply

    Vous pouvez trouver un article sur la nouvelle exposition de Vincent Mauger à la galerie Bertrand Grimont sur http://blog.paris3e.fr/post/Vincent-Mauger-Bertrand-Grimont

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