Crashing Porcelain Action Figures by Martin Klimas

0 Posted by - February 17, 2012 - Photography

German photographer Martin Klimas created the series ‘Porcelain Figurines’. the collection of images were captured just as each of the fragile objects hit the ground after being dropped from a height of 9.8 feet.

The artist was able to take the photos by wiring his camera in such a way that the sound each figurine made as they touch the ground tripped the device’s shutter release. In addition to the dynamic quality observed in the pose of each porcelain action character, by dropping the objects, klimas is able to enhance the sense of liveliness through the shard-constructed elongation of each figure’s form.

( via designboom )

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  • rc boot July 31, 2012 - 05:07 Reply

    Awesome, these Crashing Porcelain action figures are looking very cool and very different which are by Mr. Martin Klimas. I liked them a lot, in fact I never seen them before. 

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