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Dunfanaghy resident Jim Osbourne’s work is unusual in that he draw figures on the condensation of his kitchen window using only his finger. No post production Photoshop, the work is all natural, using the natural light outside his window and careful positioning off his camera to capture these moments before they fade and there is nothing but vapor and light. I love that element of this work. Beauty existing only for a few minutes then fading away.

Cold Feet by Jim Osbourne

Bo: How do you decide what to create? Does the conditions play a part in the decision?

Jim: What happens on the window I have partial control. The first time I did a drawing on the window was as I waited for the kettle to boil, I drew a figure for the craic (fun)… as a kid I did this all the time and rubbed them out, this time I didn’t but walked away and sat down to watch the weather on TV. I’m a window cleaner by trade.

As the sun started to rise I notice that the figure stood out so clear, I rushed and got my camera and took a photo, It was only when I looked at the photo in the frame that I saw what I had done, and that was when I got the eureka moment.

Lady Walking by Jim Osbourne

Bo: How do you view the subjects. Walking towards or away?

Jim: It’s just how I draw them, as an artist I now use my ability to draw quickly in whichever pose I wish to use.

Wrapped Up Lady by Jim Osbourne

Bo: You mention that you use only your fingers to create the images. How do you create the finer details?

Jim: Simple, I use a long finger nail and my wee finger.

To Work by Jim Osbourne

Bo: Have you consider creating more complex images?

Jim: Yes but time is also the essence. You also miss what I’m trying to achieve. Not only create a figure, but allow the viewer to finish the story. Unfinished work, is just how I plan my art. To  finish something is to end the story. I allow the viewer to finish the story themselves,that means that everyone has a different version of the ending.

School Run by Jim Osbourne

Bo: If you ever moved, would you only consider a property with a suitably steamy window?

Jim: I like where I live, I have panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean,Islands in the distance, and the Derryveagh Mountain range at my back door, I live half way up the side of a Mountain. No traffic, peaceful, quiet, and access to everything if required. Tell me why I should move!

As for the condensation? Well it’s a little more complicated than that but thank you for your questions. I have to go now as I’ve got windows to clean in the village

No Man is an Island by Jim Osbourne

Together by Jim Osbourne

Shopping by Jim Osbourne

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