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BLU:72 Creative is a Nottingham based graphic design studio specialising in logo design, branding and web design. We design and produce all kinds of promotional items, literature and publications, such as: brochures, annual reports, leaflets, flyers, prospectuses, pull-up banners, logos, stationery, ad campaigns, packaging and websites.

Through eye-catching graphic design, we help other businesses stand out from the crowd, grab attention and communicate what’s special about them, their products and services to their customers. Below is just a small selection of work from our portfolio. To view more, please visit our site at


Nottingham Sheriffs logo design and branding






Nottingham Sheriffs are a new recreational Ice Hockey Club based at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham.

The owner, Peter Burgin, was inspired after viewing other projects within our portfolio, particularly the Blue Reef and Midwest projects as they both had the ‘American’ feel to them and gave him the confidence that we were the right choice. The chosen logo design uses a shield and overlapping hockey sticks to give the whole logo a heraldic feel, which is in-keeping with the legends of Sheriffs and Outlaws… a perfect mix of American sports and British folklore.

We went on to design everything from the uniforms and equipment through to advertising.


The Townhouse logo design, signage and branding



The owner of The Townhouse saw another piece of work from our portfolio, for Rêve Design and loved it, and wanted us to capture the essence of this for his new venture, but using more earthy tones of khaki, taupe and blue.

We proceeded to work firstly on the logo design and presented a series of options, but they were drawn to one in particular that answered their brief exactly.

Once the final logo was agreed upon, we created a set of food and drinks menus, internal and external signage, adverts for local press, beer mats and even a pump clip for their in-house ale. We worked closely with the printers and signage company to ensure the quality control and colour matching was spot on, so that come launch night, everything was in place.


Croydon College FE Awards night branding




Every year since 2003 we have been involved with the branding for the annual Croydon College FE Awards evening.

The theme we went for this project was ‘Creating Brighter Futures’ and to visualise this we created the main typography using neon style lettering and did all the lighting effects within Photoshop to create a photorealistic set of graphics.

When we arrived at the venue it was great to see all the items we had designed in use, such as the programme, name badges, table cards and banners and it was equally nice to hear positive feedback from attendees who loved the design.


Our process

An old college tutor once said “you’re design will only ever be as good as the brief you are given”, so the first thing we do is get as much information out of the client as possible about what they want to achieve, who the target audience is and what their expectations and budget are. We take into account their own personal likes and dislikes regarding their competitors, fonts, colours etc, basically anything that can inform our design.

We then go through the creative process of researching their competitors, getting together a mood board of ideas, sketching concepts then working up the ideas using a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

We like to build relationships with our clients so that they can be invested in the work we do as much as we are.

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