A Glut Night

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An endless tower of eclairs, cubby racked pork legs dangling from butcher twine and an invitation to snip tentacles from an octopus chandelier were a few of the edible art installations included in the annual art fundraiser called Power Ball. Held by Toronto’s contemporary art hub The Power Plant, it’s a social event that continually sets out to push the boundaries every year by creating awe-inspiring and engaging visual and performance art.

The theme this year was “Appetite For Excess” which explored the fine line between indulgence and debauchery. It featured “So Sorry”, a food performance by Jennifer Rubell, involving devised tightly knit spaces. The result was awkward reaches and contact between fellow attendees, causing them to endlessly say “so sorry, so sorry”. The idea mocked the stigmatized and excessive politeness of Canadians.

Serving food and drinks in a unique manner was also part of the spectacle: A series of hands popped up from the middle of a long table, serving up some of the nights delights while bartenders were stationed on theatre-style seats. Hired actors shooting chips, along with other food debris, off balconies maintained a level of discomfort to a gluttonous evening.









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